About m Arcade

m Arcade started as an idea I had been kicking around for a while, but kept putting off because of other paying projects I was working on. I finally got my excuse to build m Arcade when I was charged with the assignment to build an online business for a school assignment.  To fulfill the requirements of the assignment, I figured I could probably make decent money from selling useless trinkets online for 20 times what I paid in China, but where's the excitement in that? So instead I put my time and energy towards building this site.

I built and named m Arcade with the idea of classic arcades in mind. The arcades we know and love from the 80's are all but gone, and now just a memory. These arcades were replaced with consoles, computers, and most recently, our phones have become gaming machines. The "m" is for mobile, and today, our phones serve as mobile arcades. I think that is evident in "game center" which was added in iOS 4, XBL coming to Windows Phone, and most recently Playstation coming to Android.

You will notice that the home tab is set on Windows Phone. I did this because Windows Phone will be the focus of this website. While m Arcade will provide news and even reviews for Android and iPhone at some future date, they already are well covered on tech blogs. At the time of launching m Arcade, there has yet to be a truly great site focused around Windows Phone, and m Arcade plans to be that place where you can go for the latest game related news, and best game reviews for Windows Phone.