Version 1.2 is now available in the marketplace.

+ Added hundreds of phrases to the the thousands already in the catalog
+ Added a confirmation dialog upon back button hit (requested by a customer)
+ Fixed other minor issues

Please, please, please rate our app, and if you have any features that you think would be cool to add, just write it in your review, or right here. We appreciate and value feedback, which is why we took a good suggestion, and worked it into the latest update.


Hope you guys don't mind me pimping my new game.

I'm sure by name alone, most of you know what this app is all about. It is a party game where one person has a phrase in front of them, and they have to get their team members to guess the phrase, without spelling it out, using a word from the phrase, etc. If the buzzer sounds when your team has the phone, then the opposing team is awarded a point.

Very fun game when you have a few friends all sitting around with nothing better to do. Sure beats buying the $20 plastic thing that Hasbro makes.

As far as I know, all bugs have been squashed, but please let me know if you find something wrong, or have a suggestion. Feedback is much appreciated! You can do that here, or in app.

This is the last in a series I have been doing over the past week. In this closing post, I just want to hit on a few points that have come up through use, that I haven't covered previously.

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I was able to update my Samsung Focus to Nodo, and below are the results. Excuse the poor quality. My video editing options went from poor to really poor. But we have a new machine up, and everything seems to be working now (after this video that is).

Update: After updating the Samsung Focus to NoDo, loading times between the two devices is almost indistinguishable (whereas before the Arrive had a distinct edge, as expected). The Focus seems to be a hair fast almost consistently across the board, after loading 10 different games on the two devices. They both re-hydrate at an almost identical rate, but it seems that if the game has not been played for a while, the Focus is faster loading, by about a second on larger games. These results should not come as a shock, but rather confirm what we already knew - The NoDo update speeds up loading times.

While both the HTC Arrive and Samsung Focus have essentially the same internals, they externally sport very different form factors. These differing form factors do affect the gameplay more than you might think. How so?

Click through the break for video and other thoughts.

Something that I really feel has been lacking on WP7 is a solid platformer. People have been trying to bring NES emulators to Windows Phone so that we can all play Mario, but I would much rather have similar gameplay natively built for Windows Phone, and Spy Bot Chronicles does just that with flying colors. The platformer comes with the hefty price tag of $3.99, and is worth every penny.

Find out why after the break.

Sketch defense looks to be your typical tower defense game, but manages to be unique on a number of points. The addicting fun is usually only stopped by life interrupting, or a glitch (more on that later) stopping the game before its time. Overall it is a fun tower defense game, but is it worth 99 cents?

Read on through the break for pictures and more.

After a long hiatus, game reviews will be resuming as of today. Why did we take such a long break from them? Because we were trying to resolve some video editing issues. Those issues should be cleared up by the end of this week, and video reviews will start showing up after that point. For now, we will start releasing some of the reviews we already had ready (minus the video), and update those reviews as the video becomes available.

One of my favorite features with owning a Windows Phone is the dedicated camera button that is standard on every handset. Both the Samsung Focus and the HTC Arrive offer a two-step button, allowing for a pre-focus before taking the picture. Both buttons are easy to use and act as you would expect, but I do prefer the Samsung Focus camera button, as it is a little larger, and easier to press. That having been said, the HTC Arrive has better button placement. I have found that when someone tries to take picture with my phone for the first time, they almost always accidentally hit the search or home button with their thumb; something that would be very hard and awkward to do on the Arrive. But once someone masters the controls, the most important question is whether or not the camera takes a good picture. Read on past the break for side by side comparisons.

Despite not being a fan of Sprint’s impressive line of keyboard phones, I still ended up buying an HTC Arrive. I did this, not because I was a fan of the hardware, but because I’m a fan of Windows Phone, and needed badly to replace my aging HTC Diamond.

Today my HTC Arrive (wait for it . . . wait for it) arrived! Initial impression: Impressed. This is an extremely nice slider phone, and while it has a little more heft and bulk than I prefer in a phone, the keyboard is a pleasure to use, and the device screams quality.

Pictures and more after the break.

We don't have a review up of Rocket Riot, but from what we have played of the demo, and what other have been saying - it is a must buy; especially at only $2.99, compared to its regular price of $6.99.


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