Something that I really feel has been lacking on WP7 is a solid platformer. People have been trying to bring NES emulators to Windows Phone so that we can all play Mario, but I would much rather have similar gameplay natively built for Windows Phone, and Spy Bot Chronicles does just that with flying colors. The platformer comes with the hefty price tag of $3.99, and is worth every penny.

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Sketch defense looks to be your typical tower defense game, but manages to be unique on a number of points. The addicting fun is usually only stopped by life interrupting, or a glitch (more on that later) stopping the game before its time. Overall it is a fun tower defense game, but is it worth 99 cents?

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Boss Launch 2 offers a new take on the recently established Angry Birds genre.  The game channels more than the popular Angry Birds for inspiration by adding zombies to the mix. The objective of the game is to launch your boss out of his comfy arm chair and into the zombies. The idea is sound, and the game-play fairly fun. The best part about Boss Launch 2 is that its free (ad supported). While a potentially great game, Boss Launch 2 doesn’t come without its flaws. Video and pictures after the break.

Vector defense is tower defense game that is similar to Retro Defense – if you are familiar; It uses a grid layout and you tap the grids to build your towers. In all, there are 9 visually different towers that do three different kinds of damage. Vector Defense is a very fun and challenging game, but does the game justify the money?

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Broiled Earth is the first solid tank strategy game offered on WP7. If you’ve played Scorched Earth on the PC, then you will feel at home with Broiled Earth(even the name is pretty similar). Broiled Earth brings a lot of different weapon choices, from tactical nukes, to earth bombs, and has a lot of depth in  game-play mechanics and options. The game is a lot of fun, but is it worth $3? Read more below to find out.

Update: The developer released an update yesterday that has addressed some of my original concerns. Along with some general tweaks, a new level was added, and you can now turn off wind, or turn it to static. The fact that the developer is listening to customer concerns and rolling out updates is all very encouraging, and makes me feel like maybe $3 isn't too much after all. Video and pictures after the break.

Pixel Man Zero
Pixel Man is a side scrolling plat-former of the most basic form. Your goal is to get from point A to point B, avoiding lava and falls along your way. You have three controls, left, right, and jump. The graphics and sound effects compliment this basic gameplay, making Pixel Man a very polished, and somewhat addicting game to play.

Pixel Man Zero is the free version of Pixel Man. It is exactly like the paid version, except with an ad running along the top. The ad clashes with the very clean, clutter free layout, but you have to decide whether keeping that aesthetic is worth 99 cents. Video and pictures after the break.


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