Pixel Man Zero
Pixel Man is a side scrolling plat-former of the most basic form. Your goal is to get from point A to point B, avoiding lava and falls along your way. You have three controls, left, right, and jump. The graphics and sound effects compliment this basic gameplay, making Pixel Man a very polished, and somewhat addicting game to play.

Pixel Man Zero is the free version of Pixel Man. It is exactly like the paid version, except with an ad running along the top. The ad clashes with the very clean, clutter free layout, but you have to decide whether keeping that aesthetic is worth 99 cents. Video and pictures after the break.

  • Very basic, but consistent graphics. It gives the game a clean feel.
  • The sounds are basic, but give a nostalgic feeling.
  • Very responsive controls.
  • We were able to get into the action fast, and the addictive game-play kept us coming back for more.
  • Polished feeling, no glitches found during play.

  • No classic 8 bit soundtrack – You will have to provide your own.
  • Some may not care for the movement mechanics. 
  • The same lack of depth that makes the game fun is also a weakness when longevity is considered.

One thing I was initially put off by was the control mechanic. Your character does not carry momentum, and so if you take your hand off the movement arrow, your character will stop mid air, immediately. But likewise, you can jump, and then start moving mid air. This control style can be annoying at first, but is actually quite fitting to the Pixel Man game play style as things progress.

Pixel Man Zero is free if you don’t mind ads. The game is fun and addictive, making this a must have. We would be less hesitant paying 99 cents for the game if it had a cool soundtrack or introduced further gameplay mechanics as levels continued to progress. Regardless, Pixel Man Zero is an obvious download choice for a few hours of fun.



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