Broiled Earth is the first solid tank strategy game offered on WP7. If you’ve played Scorched Earth on the PC, then you will feel at home with Broiled Earth(even the name is pretty similar). Broiled Earth brings a lot of different weapon choices, from tactical nukes, to earth bombs, and has a lot of depth in  game-play mechanics and options. The game is a lot of fun, but is it worth $3? Read more below to find out.

Update: The developer released an update yesterday that has addressed some of my original concerns. Along with some general tweaks, a new level was added, and you can now turn off wind, or turn it to static. The fact that the developer is listening to customer concerns and rolling out updates is all very encouraging, and makes me feel like maybe $3 isn't too much after all. Video and pictures after the break.

  • Lots of variety in weapons.
  • Terrain, tanks, and explosions all look top notch.
  • Options galore.
  • Multiplayer allows AI, local human, or online.
  • It’s a tank game for WP7.
  • Wind changes an extreme degree every round, making your shots considerably less predictable.
  • AI on easy rarely misses you, even on their first shot.
  • Level selection is limited, but the UI it setup to accept additional levels in the future.
  • Online games are near impossible to find at this point
  • The angle/power UI feels/looks clumsy – clashes with the rest of the beautiful graphics.
We really like where Broiled Earth is headed. We hope to see more terrain options, and a little more polish in future editions, but as is, Broiled Earth has a lot going for it, and plenty to keep the casual gamer coming back for more tank fun, round after round. As the game stands, we feel Broiled Earth is a little undercooked for its price-tag, but are hopeful that future updates/polish (and eventually more players online) will make the game worth the current price tag. If you’re on the fence, hit up the free trial mode to get a taste of the action.



03/05/2011 7:38am

Looks cool, video you provided is very in depth!

Carson Kuehne
03/05/2011 3:39pm

Thanks. I don't have much content on here, as I haven't officially gone live with the site - still tweaking things, but be sure to check back for more reviews.

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