Boss Launch 2 offers a new take on the recently established Angry Birds genre.  The game channels more than the popular Angry Birds for inspiration by adding zombies to the mix. The objective of the game is to launch your boss out of his comfy arm chair and into the zombies. The idea is sound, and the game-play fairly fun. The best part about Boss Launch 2 is that its free (ad supported). While a potentially great game, Boss Launch 2 doesn’t come without its flaws. Video and pictures after the break.

  • A different take on the basic game-play we already enjoy.
  • Multiple environments with intractable objects.

  • Poor quality animation.
  • Horribly inconsistent frame-rate.
  • Clumsy controls.
  • Lack of polish throughout.
  • Launch control doesn’t offer a wide enough spectrum of power, which means you won’t be able to fine tune how far your boss launches as much as you may want to.  

Boss Launch 2 has all the potential to be a top notch game, but in its current state feels very rushed. If the developer were to tighten up the frame-rate, add better animations, and more levels, I would have no problem dropping a dollar or two on the game. But as it stands now, even for a free game, it is cringe worthy. I want to keep playing it, but every time I play Boss Launch 2, the lack of polish just causes me to think of what this game could be with a little more attention to detail.



03/08/2011 9:57am

yep, seems as if achieving the speed and fluidity of angry birds if difficult.

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