Sketch defense looks to be your typical tower defense game, but manages to be unique on a number of points. The addicting fun is usually only stopped by life interrupting, or a glitch (more on that later) stopping the game before its time. Overall it is a fun tower defense game, but is it worth 99 cents?

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  • Art style. Each level brings a unique feel and theme. This paradigm is continued into the little details like the menu, which also has a different look every time you launch the game, or back out of a level.
  • Difficulty. The game is intuitive and can be played by a tower defense beginner or veteran. There are different difficulty levels, but normal seems to be the sweet spot for myself. On the same level I may last only a few minutes, while other times I will last twenty minutes. The game never feels too easy, while also never being stressfully difficult.
  • Endless mode. The levels can be played with an unlimited amount of waves, this is a fun way to see who among your friends is the ultimate tower defense strategist – or just to kill thirty minutes.
  • While the art is varied, each level is really just a different path. Also, towers available are the same for each level. I would like to have had some extra challenges in order to provide some more varied gameplay.
  • Glitches/bugs. During the extensive time I spent playing this game, I had a few game ending bugs. One such instance turned the enemies I killed invisible, where they then went and killed me. This was the biggest bug, and it happened only twice so far. Also the level selecting menu can be laggy sometimes. Otherwise gameplay is pretty fluid – only laggy when I have a million things going off on screen and I drag out another tower. Doesn’t really hurt gameplay though.
Sketch Defense is a very solid tower defense game and definitely worth the 99 cents the developer is asking. The few glitches that are there are certainly not deal breakers. If anything, check out the trial version. In talking with the developer he says that he is squashing bugs where they are found, and to expect a large update he is working on that will add additional levels and leaderboards.

Side note: Playing this game on my NoDo updated HTC Arrive seems to be a little smoother, most notably in the level selecting menu – which is lag free now.

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04/09/2011 7:23am

Bug fixes incoming!

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